May: National Foster Care Month

National Foster Care Month is annually celebrated during May and provides an opportunity for people all across the nation to focus attention on the year-round needs of American children and youth in foster care. The annual campaign raises awareness about foster care and encourages many more citizens to get involved in the lives of these youth — whether as foster parents, volunteers, mentors, employers, or in other ways.

The goals of National Foster Care Month are many and can be reviewed at Among the highest of those goals is to continually acknowledge the thousands of dedicated foster families and other caring individuals and organizations who are already supporting the over 400,000 children currently in foster care nationwide. Additionally, over the course of a year, nearly 700,000 children spend at least some time in foster care. If all those children were gathered into one city, with would be 19th largest city in the United States!

Approximately *254,000 children and youth will leave foster care during 2018. Nearly 128,000 will be reunified with their families, another 52,000 will find new loving families through adoption, 36,000 will stay with a guardian or with their families through kinship care, 28,000 will become too old for foster care and “age out” of the system, and 1500 will runaway. Another 254,000 children and youth will enter foster care and replace the children and youth who have left. Far too many children will spend more than a year in foster care; some will spend their entire youth in foster care.

In Arizona and here at HSC we share in the above statistics on a smaller scale. We are striving to do our best to seek and support fostering families who embrace this challenge and dedicate themselves to doing their best for the children entrusted to their care. Tomorrow, May 1st, begins National Foster Care Month! We begin by acknowledging and thanking YOU, our HSC Foster Parents. Your continued dedication — in spite of the many challenges — makes better the lives our children in care!

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