A Mighty Change of Heart Begins with You

As children, we have all dreamt of being a superhero with superhero powers.  This dream would be crushed if we were separated from our sidekick, removed from our home, and suddenly missing our cape, mask and utility belt.  This is the devastating feeling of hopelessness, confusion, and sadness many foster children experience when they are separated from their family and friends, uprooted from their home and are unable to take their clothing, favorite stuffed animal, family pictures, childhood blanket, toys and other cherished personal belongings with them.

A Mighty Change of Heart to The Rescue

From donations and scholarships to fun filled activities, A Mighty Change of Heart helps restore hope and a sense of belonging in foster children, empowering them to feel like kids again and recognize the superhero within.  One of the many ways A Mighty Change of Heart restores some of the possessions lost during a foster child’s transition is by embroidering a duffle bag with their first name and filling it with new clothes, shoes, hygiene items, toys, stuffed animals, sports equipment books and more.  These bags have been hand delivered to over 5,200 children in foster care!  They have also given away 265 school backpacks filled with school supplies to foster children in need.  Through partnering with Hoof to Heart, A Mighty Change of Heart now offers equine assisted mentoring.  In the equine assisted mentoring program, horses help people with their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being in family sessions or personal sessions.  The program includes daily care, equine activities, riding and guided meditation and facilitates a safe space for safe learning, letting go and letting love in, while teaching emotion regulation and empathy.

Becoming a Superhero to a Foster Child

There are many ways you can support A Mighty Change of Heart’s mission.  A Mighty Change of Heart is always in need of diapers, shampoo, toys, stuffed animals, toothbrushes, toothpaste and shoes of all sizes.  If hosting a drive interests you, you can help by collecting donations for these much needed items.  Donors are crucial in them continuing to do all they do, and cash donations are both tax deductible and/or eligible for the Arizona Qualifying Foster Care Organization credit on your state return.  Who doesn’t want to control where their tax dollars go and send their state tax dollars somewhere that they care about?!  Lastly, you can use your influencer powers for good and become a fundraiser for friends and family.

Each and every one of us has an innate desire to feel loved and know there is good in the world.  By donating, becoming a fundraiser or sponsor, or volunteering to host a drive, you can help the most vulnerable population realize they are loved and not forgotten and are stronger and braver than they know.  Your superhero power can be bringing a smile, laughter, joy and hope to foster children through getting involved with A Mighty Change of Heart at https://www.amchaz.org/.