What Are The Joys Of Foster Parenting?

What Are The Joys Of Foster Parenting?

If you’re considering fostering, we here at Human Services Consultants want you to know that it’s not all gloom and doom. In fact, there are many joys that foster parents enjoy in their roles. Some of these joys include the opportunity to change a child’s life. Those who become foster parents say it’s an amazing feeling knowing they saved a child from the system.


Foster parents are often rewarded with a sense of purpose and satisfaction in providing loving, safe homes for children who would otherwise go without. They’re able to help children heal from the trauma and loss they’ve experienced. They’re also able to see the bright side of life by being able to provide hope and help children build the self-confidence they need to live successfully. It’s also a chance for fostering families to develop a lasting connection with the children they take in. They’re able to learn from their teens and share time-tested lessons of relationship building, responsibility and thinking ahead to the adult years.


Support is a foundational aspect of any relationship. When we are surrounded by those who love us, encourage and lift us up, it helps us to pursue our dreams and goals. Foster parents may be able to benefit from mentoring relationships with other experienced foster families who are willing to share their wisdom. These mentors can assist a newbie foster parent with their journey by providing encouragement, skill reinforcement and guidance. In addition, there are a number of non-profit organizations that provide respite care for foster parents. Respite care can be a welcome break and a chance to recharge your batteries when you are overwhelmed.


Laughter releases endorphins that boost mood, stimulate the production of antibodies that fight disease and decrease stress hormones that can cause major health problems over time. It also lowers blood pressure, stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation. Laughter is one of the most important joys of foster parenting. It is an essential tool for helping children feel comfortable in your home and also helps you to manage high stress situations.

Helping Others

Helping others has a number of benefits that can make you a happier person and improve your life in many ways. The practice of helping others can be done in a variety of ways, from donating food to your local homeless shelter to holding a door for a stranger. Scientists have discovered that helping other people can lead to a phenomenon called “helper’s high.” When you do good deeds, your body releases endorphins that boost your mood and improve your self-esteem. Researchers have even found that you can re-experience this high long after you’ve helped someone else. Foster parents, a special group of people who care for children in need of a loving home, are tasked with providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. They provide their foster kids with love, hugs, and cuddles, as well as guidance for their social, emotional and medical needs.

Taking In Teens

Taking in a teenager can be a daunting, stressful and confusing experience. Often, it involves re-negotiation of the rules in the home to reflect the teens’ new abilities and judgment. It can also mean dealing with the possibility of visits from birth families. This can disrupt the family’s routines and create stress for the foster parents. Teenagers are full of fun, high energy, passion, commitment, idealism, loyalty to friends and creativity. They’re often able to show empathy as well. But when everything’s said and done, they can surely teach us a lot about parenting.