How Do I Become a Foster Parent?

If you are considering becoming a foster parent, congratulations. You are certainly already aware that fostering and becoming a parent to a child is a considerable undertaking and a life change. It also leads to questions like how do I become a foster parent and what do you need to know about becoming one.

Fortunately, for anyone considering fostering a child, there is plenty of help. Here are the basics and what you will want to know to get started. Good luck, and congratulations again.

How Do I Become a Foster Parent?

To become a foster parent, you will have to meet the mandates and state requirements of your state of residence. Each step offers a specific process to become an approved foster parent. Some basic steps are relatively common for every state and anyone wanting to foster a child.

What Do I Need To Know About Becoming a Foster Parent?

Although every state has some variations in what is required and how they approve or certify people as foster parents, a few basic elements can be expected. Here is a look at what is typically required of any hopeful foster parent.

Background Checks

One of the first and most standard steps in the process of becoming a foster parent is to submit a background check. Most states also require that foster parent applicants obtain fingerprint clearance cards.

Fostering Age Limits

If you are wondering if there is a certain age you must reach before becoming a foster parent, the answer is yes: 21 years of age. For most of us who are parents, we have no problems understanding that age statute.

Living Conditions / Arrangements

In all foster care situations, the foster parent must provide ample and sufficient living arrangements. That also generally includes providing a bedroom for the child.

Income Considerations

Even with assistance, support, and family, raising a child isn’t cheap. That is also why each state will evaluate every individual’s financial situation to determine if they meet the financial criteria to become a foster parent. In layman’s terms, state fostering agencies simply want to know if you can afford to raise a child.

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