Lauree Executive Director

A Letter from Executive Director Lauree Copenhaver

I have sat and wrangled over what to say regarding our current state of civil unrest and racial conflict.  I knew that as the leader and Executive Director of Human Services Consultants, I needed to make a statement regarding our agency’s commitment to celebrating and embracing diversity and supporting people of all races, ethnicities, colors, sizes, genders, and sexual orientation.  I worry that as a white woman (yes, I am Italian, but considered “white” by current definitions), whatever I say could be perceived as disingenuous or insincere.  The truth is, that my heart aches for any human being who has ever been judged by another human being simply for the color of their skin, the shape of their body, the texture of their hair or any other physical attribute.  Human Services Consultants is sad, outraged, and angry about recent and past deaths of so many victims of senseless violence.  We acknowledge that these recent events are the consequence of racism, prejudice, violence, and inequality that is the unfortunate truth of our Country’s history.

As an agency established to serve the youngest and most vulnerable generation of our state, it is our responsibility to stand up for the rights of all people to live in a world free of any prejudice based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status or religion.

In these uncertain times, HSC and each of our foster homes must continue to be safe places where children and youth learn about the world around them – exposing them to new ideas, beliefs and values that teach us to appreciate and understand our differences and celebrate our commonalities.  We encourage families to take an active role by engaging in conversations about racism, prejudice, discrimination, and the benefits of a just, equitable, fair and peaceful world.  We encourage you to acknowledge the anxiety and fears that we all are feeling in these turbulent times.  And to continue to build safe home environments for these children entrusted in your care.

HSC thanks each of you for the amazing work you do with these children every day! Through these trying times and beyond, Human Services Consultants is committed to being part of the solution of making our world more inclusive, equitable and peaceful.   We will continue to do this through advocacy with our state government, as well as on a federal level with our membership in Arizona Family Focused Treatment Association  and National Family Focused Treatment Association, as well as our relationships with stakeholders and local officials.


Yours Sincerely,


Lauree Copenhaver

Executive Director

Human Services Consultants