What Is Therapeutic Foster Care?

Deciding to become a foster parent is amazing, but the process is not always straightforward and easy. If a child enters the foster care system, it is likely because their families are immersed in a crisis situation that may include neglect, abuse, trauma, or incarceration of a parent. Generally speaking, children are placed in either traditional foster care or therapeutic care.

The Need for Therapeutic Foster Care

If a child has been placed in traditional foster care it is likely that they do not have any mental health or behavioral challenges and may only need the nurturing and supervision offered by a caring, compassionate, and friendly adult guardian. Conversely, therapeutic foster care is designed for kids up to the age of 18 with unique behavioral, emotional, and/or medical needs that require additional care, expertise, and experience.

Extensive training and support are available to people who opt to participate in therapeutic foster care to best prepare them for the complexities and challenges of this type of fostering. These foster care parents receive in-home support from advocates for the foster child and family to ensure that they are receiving the support needed to help the child thrive. Additionally, children in therapeutic foster care will likely require specialized medical appointments, therapy sessions, and more that will require more intensive foster parent participation. If you are interested in being a therapeutic foster care parent, you’ll likely need to participate in extensive training to prepare yourself and your family for the opportunity.

Foster Care in Arizona

In Arizona, you must be at least 21 years old to foster, and you can be single, in a relationship, or married. The person doing the fostering along with any adults in the household must pass a local criminal background check and FBI along with a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by Arizona’s Department of Public Safety. Being a foster parent is a huge responsibility, and we strive to ensure that you are best prepared for that challenge to ensure that it is the most rewarding experience possible.

Since first opening its doors in 2000, Human Services Cons in Phoenix, AZ has been at the forefront of training and qualifying families to help care for children that have been exposed to extreme trauma. We specialize in training people to be therapeutic foster care parents who can offer a structured environment focused on therapy-based practices. For more information, give us a call today to learn more.